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Sharon Hessoun
About a decade ago, I stumbled upon a two-hour class in stringing beads. That was the most life-changing two hours I've spent. Out of that grew an addiction to beads that caused me to begin to sell my bead jewelry pieces. Thus - Beadecked and Beaddicted. Never content to just keep doing the same thing, I began exploring the use of wire and metal combined with beads.

Then came another life-changing experience: finding Arline Fisch's book Textile Techniques in Metal where I read about knitting with wire. I'd heard a little about it from some beaders on an internet bead list and had to try it out. That led to another addiction:
Partial View of Show Booth
this one to the process of spool knitting with wire and beads. I've been doing this for about six years now and selling my work at art shows in Ohio and elsewhere. Many people have asked me what book they could get to teach them the technique and there really wasn't one, so I decided to write it! There you have it: Wire Knitting . . . On a Spool became a reality in January 2001!